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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Review of Noncontact Ultrasonic Measurement System for Structural Health Monitoring _ Crimson Publishers

Empowering Living Matter and the Fever Effect of Global Warming by Simon Berkovich* in Significances of Bioengineering & Biosciences_ Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering


The amount of mechanical energy being produced by the muscles of all animals is so far several times more than the energy from all thermal engines created by human. But what is most wonderful, and we have to confess up to nowadays scientists do not understand the essence of the muscle process P. L. Kapitsa. This work explicates the physical basis of the material motions in living systems. Simplistic thinking sticks to an obvious seemingly unyielding scheme: nervous system sends control signals while the energy comes from the food. Such a trivial scheme is on par with robotics systems design supplementing artificial muscles with an extraneous supply of electrical energy. But how in living systems can energy appear immediately at a given place and time in suitable quantities? That comes from the nervous system activities utilizing moving excitations rather than simply sending ordinary electrical signals. In this case, neural signaling actually generates energy employing neural pulses relocations and a new physical resource for energy in association with the Cellular Automaton Universe. Organisms cannot simply generate mechanical work from the heat of the metabolism, as revealed by the so-called exercise paradox. A Universe without an external influx of energy could not support life and may come to the ultimate equilibrium of the so called “heat death”. Whereas the Physical World with a continual influx of mechanical energy to living mater may be subjected to periodic global warmings incited by particular changes in Earth’s biomass. In individual organisms a similar effect appears as recurrent fever attacks.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Review of Noncontact Ultrasonic Measurement System for Structural Health Monitoring _ Crimson Publishers

 Review of Noncontact Ultrasonic Measurement System for Structural Health Monitoring by Makiko Kobayashi* in Advancements in Civil Engineering & Technology_ Open Journal of Civil Engineering



Non-destructive testing (NDT) of infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels has become more important since it has aging problem and traffic was heavier than expected. Thin film ultrasonic sensors would be attractive because it is easy to integrate on huge structure. However, NDT of huge structure is still challenging because of sensor accessibility. Semi-noncontact ultrasonic sensors were proposed in this manuscript. 20cm diameter copper coil transmit/receive electrical signal from a pulser/receiver instrument and a thin film ultrasonic sensor and reflected echo from 12.7mm thick steel plate successfully. By this method, measurement using drone could be possible and it increases application possibility for huge infrastructure monitoring.

Recently, air-coupled ultrasonic transducers made by Capacitive Micromachined UltrasonicTransducer (CMUT) has been developed and the transmitting powder and the resolution has been improved [5]. However, air-coupled ultrasonic transducers are often used to detect obstacles in the air, and it is still challenging to inspect inside of the structures due to acoustic impedance difference. Incident angle is also critical. Electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs) are applied high temperature metallic structures [6]. Intrinsically, this technique can be applied for only conductive material so that it is not suitable for many civil infrastructure components. In laser ultrasound, laser induced ultrasound, i.e., inspection structure itself is ultrasound transmitter and reflected ultrasound is picked up by optical method [7]. This technique is suitable to detect huge and complex geometry and there is no incident angle problem. already applied mainly in aerospace industry. However, since ultrasound generation efficiency is low so that optical detection system is costly. To carry out ultrasonic measurement without wires (kind of non-contact) in relatively low cost for civil infrastructures, combination of thin film ultrasonic sensors and wireless power transmission was tested.

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Economic Armageddon_ Crimson Publishers

 Economic Armageddon by Mocombe PC* in

Archaeology & Anthropology:Open Access_ American Journal of Archaeology


This essay offers a structural analysis for why Barack Obama’s stimulus plan for the United States of America essentially failed and will bring about the end to American economic power as the hegemon in the global capitalist world-system under the Trump administration. This critical understanding suggests that Obama’s plan was an attempt to implement “new deal” type economic policies in a postindustrial economy based on financialization and consumption. Inevitably, the essay concludes, the plan was bound to fail as it was unable to stimulate aggregate demand in the short and long terms in a postindustrial economy based on consumption.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Effect of Malnutrition on Mortality in Hospitalized Children_ Crimson Publishers

 The Effect of Malnutrition on Mortality in Hospitalized Children by Aida H. Al-Sadeeq* in Research in Pediatrics & Neonatology_ The Journal of Pediatrics


Malnutrition responsible for 45% of deaths among children younger than 5 years in lowand middle-income countries [1,2]. Many studies have reported the individual associations of stunting, wasting, and underweight with mortality [3], However, estimates of the effects of individual anthropometric indicators overlook the fact that multiple deficits may occur simultaneously, especially because all deficits are associated with poverty, poor dietary intake, and infectious diseases [4,5]. This study conducted describe the frequency of undernutrition and to evaluate which types of combined anthropometric deficits carry an increased risk of mortality.

Patients and Methods
A retrospective observational study, conducted in the therapeutic feeding center (TFC) of Al-Sadaka General Teaching Hospital (GTH), Aden, Yemen, included severely malnourished children (SAM) aged 2-59 months, who were admitted from September 2015 to February 2016. Children with generalized edema were excluded. All enrolled children were grossly devoid of any deformities and had no chronic ill conditions.

Data Collection & Management
The following data obtained from patient’s files on the first day of admission: age, weight (kg), length/height (cm). In addition, death outcome, co-morbidities among death cases, and the duration of hospitalization till the time of death were recorded. Patients were categorized into two age groups (2-23m, and 24-59m). The 2006 WHO Multicenter Growth Reference Study [6] was used to assess every child’s z-scores of length/heights–for-age, weight-forlength/ height, and weight-for-age.

Data Analysis
Data were analyzed using SPSS for Windows (Version 20.0). A chi-square analysis was performed to determine the significant of age difference. A p-value of less than 0.05 was considered to be statistically significant.

A total 299 SAM were admitted during the study period, included 266 (89.0%) SAM less than 2 years and 33 (11.0%) SAM more than 2 years. Among the two-age group, more than third of SAM were also underweight. Stunting seen more among older than 2-year SAM (51.5%) compared to younger than 2-year SAM, however, the difference was statistically insignificant, (Table 1 & 2). Presents some of the background characteristics children who died during management of SAM. The majority SAM who died were 6-23m old, admitted for diarrhea, and were having severe triple deficits (wasting, underweight, stunting) and died in the first three days of admission

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Review of Noncontact Ultrasonic Measurement System for Structural Health Monitoring _ Crimson Publishers

Empowering Living Matter and the Fever Effect of Global Warming by Simon Berkovich* in Significances of Bioengineering & Biosciences_ ...